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Between Visual and Usefulness

With the theme “Between Visual and Usefulness”, this event aims to provide space for collaboration between stakeholders and various fields of design and focus on raising human resources and local pride in the city of Malang by introducing education related to design development to the wider community.

Design is the creation of value from a problem solving. Each person solves a problem by designing his actions based on consideration of the objectives and desired effects. Usually, people looking for a designer when they are faced with complex problems since they are considered to have benefits in processing the problem consciously and intuitively so that they can form an orderly and meaningful solution.

In the design, especially Product Design the focuses on visuals and usefulness will be formed. The visual in the sense that the design focuses on the implementation of images, fonts, colors, and other elements. Hopefully, it can enhance users by engaging and helping them to build trust and interest in the brand. Meanwhile, based on the principle of a design that is useful, it can be used to achieve a particular objective. It won’t be a problem whether the design is used or not, it doesn’t matter how useful and usable it is. Designers are likely observed how design can be useful and usable in order for their work to succeed. For example, a car is not just a means of transportation but it can represent the social class and lifestyle of its owner. Something is useful since it can be used to achieve a particular objective. Usually, designers aim to deliver useful products. On the other hand, the context of usable refers to the ease-of-use for a particular product. The more use of a product is the more likely it will be used.

From the explanation above, the reason that underlies Malang Design Wave with the theme Between Visual and Usefulness is hoping that design will not only seen as a display that has aesthetic appeal but also as a design that emphasizes how the design able to achieve the goal of the product and to convey a product that is useful. Also, it getting the users to use the product to achieve the goals and at the same time, it can improve user experience.

Our hope with Malang Design Wave as a collaboration event among activists in design will bring up an ecosystem to grow new designers and provide new insights to the improvement of designers. The collaboration in Malang Design Wave will also create a new wave for design collaboration in various disciplines to share the energy of collaboration and the power to introduce the world of design to the wider community.


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