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Story Of Game Developer Malang

Game Dev Malang

The industry of gaming in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Along with the increasing number of quantity of game developers communities in various cities in Indonesia. One of game developers’ communities is Game Developer Malang.

Game Developers Malang is a local community from Malang City. The purpose of this community is to build Arek Ngalam (People who live in Malang, Indonesia, East Java) being a pioneer in creative industries, especially in Game Development.

Some games and projects made by GDM’s members are varied, for example, Faerie Afterlight, Burst Fighter, Melody of the light, Startup Panic, Paw Paw, etc. For more information about their games and project, you can visit their website on gamedevmalang.com

On last September 2019, GDM held Malang Game Fest that contained some series of events, there was a Game development Competition, GDM Talkshow, and GDM Arcade and Showcase. You can follow this community’s social media account on Instagram @gamedevmalang.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you can contact Game Developer Malang through their email ([email protected]) or website.

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