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ADGI : The Unite of Arts Creatures

Along with the increase of needs and roles of graphic design in Indonesia, a forum was formed to unite graphic designers in September 1980 under the name IPGI (Ikatan Desainer Grafis Indonesia) which was changed later to ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia) in an effort to advance the graphic design as a profession.

Currently, as an association that officially accommodates the Indonesian graphic designer profession. ADGI also has the role of supporting the government in implementing all policies, especially those related to the field of Creative Economy. To enhance the sense of unity of Indonesian graphic designers, ADGI has many branches in Indonesia, one of them it’s ADGI Malang.

In 2016, ADGI Malang together with Malang Regional Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda) chose the design creation of Papang Jakfar’s named Osi and Ji as the winners of Malang City Mascot Design Competition in 2016.

ADGI Malang collaborates with supporting parties to organize events with graphic design themes such as conferences or meet-ups, workshops, and exhibitions. There is one independent event by ADGI that is “Kumpul Obek – Kumpul Kreatif Malam Rabu“.

If you want to know more about collaboration events or ADGI’s event, you can follow them on social media Instagram ADGI’s @adgimalang’s.

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