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Learning Art of Writing with Lettering Malang

There are many communities of lettering in Indonesia, one of them is Lettering Malang. Lettering Malang is local communities from Malang City.

This community often holds gatherings called pen meetups, and workshops or typography writing training in collaboration with Kaligafiina in Malang. For anyone who has an interest and willingness to learn lettering from beginners to experts to deliver their knowledge and for anyone who starts to learn can take part in their meetups or workshop events. Follow this community’s social media account on Instagram @letteringmalang.

Lettering Malang often collaborates and ask to write typography for some events or cafe’s decoration. Since that there are many cafes in Malang decorated by typography and it is possible that those are made by one of the members of this community.

If you want to know typography vs calligraphy creations from Malang people’s, you can see it using the hashtag #letteringmalang on social media Instagram.

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