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WRI Has Story

Workshop Riset Informatika or known as WRI is an IT community from State Polytechnic of Malang (POLINEMA). The members of WRI consist of Polinema’s student and some students from outside of POLINEMA. WRI has a mission to develop an ecosystem of IT in a circle of community and education.

As a campus community, before now WRI’s know-how the development ecosystem outside. Every week they hold meetups and research together with their members (POLINEMAS’s students) only after trying to explore and introduce WRI’s to communities and industries outside of campus POLINEMA’s. WRI began to innovate by holding monthly meetings with various themes and topics every month that could be attended by all developers in Malang, named Opentalk.

Now WRI also held a mini class for internal members who want to be a volunteer on the IT community outside of POLINEMA and collaborate as media partners or community partners.

The product of WRI can be seen on their Github account (github.com/wrideveloper). If you want to know more about the activities of WRI, you can visit their website on wri.polinema.ac.id.

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