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Malang Creative Fusion is A Bridge

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Malang creative fusion or we mostly knowing MCF is a communication forum for the creative community in Malang city. They have a purpose to develop human resources through creative industries by building synergy and collaboration with Pentahelix (ABCGM) namely Academic, Business, Community, Government, and Media. From the collaboration of five elements, it’s hoped that programs and strategies will accelerate creative economic growth in Malang City.

To reach their goals Malang creative fusion be a bridge that strengthening connectivity, connectivity, collaboration and doing business, with an educational approach based on creativity. MCF intends to plan and improve the city’s infrastructure as a means of supporting creative economic development and creating creative entrepreneurs both individuals/community, this forum will also initiate the development of a branding strategy and build a broad-based network system as a creative endeavor.

Malang creative fusion collaborated with industrial services of Malang City to heald Festival Mbois in 2016. Festival Mbois is an annual event that brings together creative industry players in various sub-activities, such as exhibitions and workshops with different themes each year. Various creative economy sectors joined in the Mbois Festival event ranging from applications and games, crafts, product design to music.

This year, Festival Mbois with the theme ‘The Power of Collaboration Legacy’ starts from 4 November 2019 until 10 November 2019 in Heritage Kayutangans village. 30 community joins in this event.

If you want to know about that Malang creative fusion event, you can come directly on their stage, Heritage Kayutangans village before 10 November 2019. Follow their social media account Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/malangcreativefusion) or their website ( http://mcf.or.id/ ) to knowing the latest update from Malang Creative Fusion.

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