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Exploring about Animation and Game

Animation¬†is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. Cartoon on television is one of example Animation. First featuring animation film is The Adventures of Prince Achmed¬†from 1926 was created using silhouette animation created by director Lotte Reiniger. There are several different between Animation and Video. Whereas video takes continuous motion […]

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Malang Creative Fusion is A Bridge

MCF blog

Malang creative fusion or we mostly knowing MCF is a communication forum for the creative community in Malang city. They have a purpose to develop human resources through creative industries by building synergy and collaboration with Pentahelix (ABCGM) namely Academic, Business, Community, Government, and Media. From the collaboration of five elements, it’s hoped that programs […]

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Learning Art of Writing with Lettering Malang

There are many communities of lettering in Indonesia, one of them is Lettering Malang. Lettering Malang is local communities from Malang City. This community often holds gatherings called pen meetups, and workshops or typography writing training in collaboration with Kaligafiina in Malang. For anyone who has an interest and willingness to learn lettering from beginners […]

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Story Of Game Developer Malang

Game Dev Malang

The industry of gaming in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Along with the increasing number of quantity of game developers communities in various cities in Indonesia. One of game developers’ communities is Game Developer Malang. Game Developers Malang is a local community from Malang City. The purpose of this community is to build Arek Ngalam (People […]

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Talk about Graphic Design!

Design is a part of applied arts, architecture, and data on various other creative achievements. The word “design” express the process of developing a design. The design usually has to achieve certain goals and constraints that take into aesthetic, functional, economic, or socio-political considerations and expected to interact with a certain environment. Talking about design, […]

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